Our Accounting – Tax office offers high quality services for all types of businesses, freelancers and individuals, with emphasis on quality and efficiency. Our office is based at 1 Foka Street in Neochoropoulo, Ioannina. We operate throughout the prefecture of Ioannina, Preveza, Thesprotia and Arta.
Our many years of experience and continuous monitoring of processes and changes in tax, labor and investment issues allow us to meet the needs of anyone interested, whether it is an individual or a company that needs the support of an accounting firm.

Our main goal is to ensure the smooth operation and improvement of the performance of your business by providing comprehensive and specialized services, applying the latest accounting methods with the most modern, from a technological point of view, accounting programs.

With significant experience in tax, tax and labor issues, our office
undertakes the computer maintenance of all categories of books (haplographic – diplographic) of K.F.A.S. any form of business and monitoring the treatment of all tax, insurance and other liabilities.

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Book our services online


We undertake

Accounting services for professionals – companies

Accounting and Tax Consultancy Support

  • Accounting and  tax services
  • Drafting financial statements in line with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Organization of accounting departments & procedures
  • Supervision of organized accounting departments
  • Payroll support in labor and social security issues
  • Stock-taking and asset valuation
  • Accounting support for foreign companies

Provision of Tax Consultancy

  • On Statutory and non statutory tax auditς
  • On issues of large real estate
  • On the establishment of a domestic or foreign company
  • Tax Support for World Income
  • Debt Settlements to Public Entities


  • Undertaking the entire payroll function
  • Processing the companies’ monthly payroll
  • Fully management of recruitment, voluntary resignations or dismissals issues
  • Counseling support on labor law issues

Companies Establishment – Merger – Conversion – Liquidation – Bankruptcy

  • Services and assistance for the set up and registration of a company in Greece or abroad
  • Companies’ valuation
  • Tax and Accounting consultancy when merging or/and converting companies
  • Tax consultancy for issues arising during bankruptcy
  • Tax Consultancy for Companies Liquidation

Internal Audit

  • Review and evaluation of the system of internal control in place
  • Identify areas where systems can be improved
  • Reports on any weaknesses in the area of internal controls and the prevention and detection of fraud.
  • Constructive advice and recommendations on internal control systems and operational environment
  • Conducting a thorough and constructive audit
  • Responsible assessment of a company’s financial position and performance
  • Internal control reviews

Financial services re-structuring

  • Recommendations on how to improve financial and accounting processes
  • Evaluation of existing financial information systems
  • Consulting services for the analysis of needs in the computerization of financial services
  • Redesigning financial documents and audit reports
  • Setting and running efficiently the internal accounting department

Budgeting and Reporting

  • Estimation – Forecasting of income and expenses
  • Variance analysis comparing and evaluating actual results against budgeted results
  • Management reports, forecasting, budgeting & costing
  • Preparation of cash flow forecasts and projections

Transfer Pricing

  • Preparation of transfer pricing documentation( Master File and Local File)
  • Preparation and submission of summary table of transfer pricing
  • Benchmarking reports
  • Assistance in transfer pricing audits

Services for individuals

Our philosophy is that the customer is first the person-person, his needs and dreams and then the numbers behind him. Proof is the retention in our clientele of customers even from our beginning in this arduous and creative course of our accounting – tax office until today.

  • Completing and submitting the income statement E1 and the rent declaration E2
  • The completion and submission of the real estate declaration E9
  • The processing of your cases in the public services (Tax Office, Insurance Funds, etc.)
  • Tax tips to cover presumptions and where you came from
  • The drafting of private contracts and the submission of electronic leases to taxisnet
  • Tax Advice on Real Estate Management, Airbnb and Long Term Rentals
  • Taxation issues for residents abroad
  • Inheritance Tax Returns, Parental Benefits, Donations, Inheritance
  • Application for Family Allowance A21
  • Social dividend
  • Heating benefit
  • Housing allowance, etc.

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